The Plot

Imagine a land with the purest air in the world, blessed with plentiful temperate rains which feed lush forests and rolling green pastures.  This lush green land at the bottom of the world, 42 degrees South, is called Tasmania and this is where the stage is set.

The island is home to 167,000 dairy cows who live happy lives chomping on clover and plodding into the dairy at dawn and dusk for milking.

It is from these Tasmanian dairies that the stars of our show hail; cream and milk. Together they combine to make more than 70% of our feature production – Tasmanian ice cream, an absolute classic, starring Tasmanian cream, milk and eggs.

This is no ‘b grade’ ice cream horror movie, where every tub is full of added flavours, scary preservatives and spooky colours. Nor is it an action packed drama where you risk breaking a tooth on a tub crammed with lollies and sweets.

Silver Spoon Ice Cream is an ode to all those lovers of a good old-fashioned romance.  This traditional, hand-made ice cream paired with a classic sauce is not only made from all natural ingredients, with no added flavours, colours or preservatives, but it is also made in Tasmania, using only Tasmanian ingredients where-ever possible. This is the Silver Spoon Promise.

So settle in and enjoy this romantic classic, we predict that it will become a firm family favourite.

Introducing our cast of six delightful Tasmanian Ice Cream Flavors

Tasmanian Cream, Milk & Eggs
No added flavours, colours or preservatives and
100% gluten and nut free!